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Beautiful Floor Finishes

To ensure the finest finishes on a new or refinished floor, we use only the finest polyurethane finishes available. At Great Danish Craftsman Hardwood Flooring, that means our flooring finishes are BonaKemi Swedish finishes, which are known all over the world as the highest quality hardwood floor finish offering both beauty and durability.


No toxic fumes and low VOCs means your health and the environment isn't at risk. There's no need to vacate your home during refinishing.


Fast dry times of one to three hours and fast cure times of 80-90% in 3 days means you're back on your floors quicker. Faster drying and cure times are more convenient and minimize the time that your new floor is vulnerable to contact damage.


BonaKemi's advanced technology Swedish waterborne finishes are the most durable polyurethane finishes of any kind — waterborne or oil-modified. They result in clear, high-build finishes that don't amber or change color over time, ensuring a durable finish that lasts the life of your floor. These finishes highlight the beauty and elegance of the wood beneath them.

Beautiful Floor Designs